I am so so grateful that both my children have had/have the pleasure of attending Hayley and Rux’s setting. From 8 months old until school, they have both thrived there. Settling in was a piece of cake, as their setting is so inviting and calm. They have learnt through play and helped them to develop into caring, kind little people (my daughters not so little now!)

I love how the topics change of what they are learning too, just like at school.

Thank you Hayley & Rux.

Sally Callum 14/05/2023

We heard about Hayley’s Little Explorers when we moved to Burwell in 2018, and both of our children have attended. We cannot recommend Hayley and Rux enough! Their focus on nurturing and caring for the children is second to none. Our daughter had some trouble settling at first (lock down baby), and Hayley met with us privately to see how they could help her, and us, with the transition, and the support they gave us was completely invaluable. They’ve made her so comfortable, to the point that she now loves to attend and play with her ‘best friends’.

We love their connection with nature and getting out and about, and can honestly say that our children have flourished in their care.

Katy Prior 11/05/2023

We feel so very lucky to have found Hayley and Rux to care for our children. They both started at 11 months old, our eldest leaves for school this September and our youngest next September. Both children absolutely love ‘nursery days’ and the independence it brings them.

It’s home from home, very loving and caring, yet with the feel of a nursery / school setting.

The activities undertaken are innovative, exciting and even though the children think they are playing always have a purpose to grow and develop our little people. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I recommend you to everyone looking for childcare!! Thanks again – amazing! X

Nadine Yates 28/04/2023

My daughter went to Hayley and Rux when she was 1 until she started school last year. We happened upon them by chance when a friend recommended them and I can honestly say that this small act changed our world forever.

Their setting is beyond wonderful and I felt for the last few years that they simply were my extended family helping us raise my little girl to be independent, kind, brave, helpful and giving her the best pre-school education she could ever have had.

All the children there flourish and grow. Hayley and Rux are not only kind and amazing people, whose skills in childcare are of the highest quality, they always go above and beyond to give the children in their care every opportunity and every moment they are thinking of ways to improve and give their little explorers the best adventures in life. In a little corner of the world we found something very precious. Thank you for everything.

Jenni Prior 20/04/2023

I feel eternally grateful that we managed to secure a place for our son in Hayley and Rux’s care, it has been by far the best decision we made for him to join their ‘family’. He has come on leaps and bounds since he started 18 months ago, starting out as quite a shy little guy to now being confident in himself and all he has learnt so far. In my view, he has achieved milestones solely from what he has been taught there. He already knows more than I do about nature, and he can now teach me!

But the best life lessons he has learnt is to how to make friends, play with other children, kindness, manners and generally being so happy when he is there.

I always have full faith in how they look after him and know he is safe and happy, and I am so grateful for this. Hayley and Rux both go above and beyond for him and other children, as well as giving us first time parents the best guidance when we have needed it. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

Sophie Gough 18/04/2023

Our daughter went to Hayley and Rux since she was 12months old, she’s now at primary school age and often talks about her time there and their forest walks. Such a nurturing environment of 2 very experienced childminders and parents themselves. A home away from home. Our second baby has also been going to Hayley’s Little Explorers since he was 9 months.

He’s really fond of Rux and just walks in when we drop him off. Sometimes he’s even upset when it’s time to go home as he has so much fun there.

So lucky to have found this fantastic setting for our children’s early years development.

Christina Vlachou-Ess 18/04/2023

Our little one is absolutely thriving in Little Explorers.

We love the family environment, Hayley and Rux are so kind, caring and calm and the communication is fantastic.

They provide a huge variety of activities tailored for fun and learning. They are brilliant, we couldn’t be happier and unreservedly recommend.

Jess Hilsden-Lilley 18/04/2023

When we started looking for childcare with our first son a few years ago now, we didn’t like the idea of a large nursery as he was quite sensitive. We found Hayley’s Little Explorers and pretty much stopped looking anywhere else.

Now my eldest is at school and his brother is now with Hayley and Rux and we wouldn’t want it any other way as they make us and our boys feel like family.

We know the boys are cared for while being allowed to develop their individual independence, through Montessori teachings. It will be sad day when our youngest gets too old to attend.

Carly Fordham 19/02/2018

My daughter has been with Hayley and Rux since she was 12 months old and has had the most wonderful, nurturing home based experience we could have asked for. She has learned so much and developed a calm, enquiring mind. She has been exposed to wonderful thoughtful activities and resources perfect for a growing mind. I cannot praise Hayley’s Little Explorers enough –

I only wish all early years education was like this -we feel so lucky to have found them.

Caroline Greene 13/02/2018

We have been so happy and impressed with Hayley and Rux’s care of our children since Oct 2014. I think we hit the jackpot! Both our children have settled easily in their home and enjoy spending time there.

Hayley and Rux have invested so much energy in their childminding business, and show a true passion for supporting children as they grow and prepare for life.

The setting is brilliant – they’ve thought of everything. We know our children are in the best of hands. We love the daily diaries, photos, observations and class updates online as well as the regular chats and messages used to communicate about our children. Thank you Hayley and Rux.
The Venditti Family 11/12/2017

My husband and I both had been looked after by family pre-school, we were keen that our daughter had that warm and child-centred experience too. We couldn’t be more happy with how she has been able to blossom through Rux and Hayley’s care. She is one of a tight-knit little group of friends, all learning about the world and each other in such a supportive environment. We love that they are often outside exploring and that they have so much at hand to spark their imaginations. Isobel is so happy and we enjoy finding out about the activities and topics each day.

Most of all she, and we, are part of a wonderful little community that Hayley and Rux bring together.

The Wallace family 18/10/2017

I cannot believe how lucky I’ve been to have found Hayley & Rux to take care of my son. Ollie loves the time he spends with them & even cheers when we turn the corner into their road in the morning!

Their commitment, enthusiasm & dedication to childminding is evident from the first moment you meet them. This is clearly a vocation & not simply a job.

Daily diary entries on the mymonterssorichild website, face to face chats on the doorstep & text updates mean I always feel connected with what Ollie has been doing in the day, and the crafts he comes home with are always amazing. I wish I had the same creative streak that Hayley & Rux clearly do!
My friends with pre-school children are very envious of the time, care & attention Hayley & Rux give to each child in the setting & have struggled to find anywhere that compares to the stories I tell them of Ollie’s time spent in their care.
I would whole-heartedly recommend Hayley’s Little Explorers to anyone!”

Tracey Russell 3/10/2017

Our daughter Matilda has settled incredibly well into Hayley and Rux’s setting. When asked about her day, she will always say she has played with Rux above anyone else! Both Hayley and Rux keep us up to date with the day’s activities through messages and pictures and we have really enjoyed seeing Matilda playing so nicely with other children, working independently and most of all enjoying ‘Row, Row, Row your Boat’ with Rux! She often dumps her belongings at the door and heads towards Rux when she arrives.

She has built really strong relationships with them both and we are very pleased that we have found peace of mind, where Matilda can thrive and have so much fun!

The Devey Family 09/02/15

Our son has been with Hayley and Rux since October 2014, settling in at the age of 11 months.

We have been overwhelmed by Hayley and Rux’s commitment and enthusiasm for childminding.

They invest all their time and energy into providing the best childcare possible, and we simply cannot fault their work. Texts, phone calls, face-to-face chats and the online diary provides us with all the information we need to know about how Nico has been and what activities he has done that day. We love seeing the creative crafts Nico makes, and really value the care and attention Hayley and Rux have invested in providing excellent equipment and toys to support learning and development. Nico has clearly thrived in their home, and thoroughly enjoys his time there.
We feel very lucky to have found Hayley and Rux, and could not be happier with their care of our son.
The Venditti Family 21/07/15

Our two year old son has been at the setting Hayley’s Little Explorers for approx. 12 months.

We would give a five star rating!

Our son is very happy. The setting offers great structure and learning development with a lot of fun. I always feel reassured to leave my son at the setting.

The Lomax Family 04/01/15

From the moment my husband and I met her a year ago, it was obvious to us that childminding is Hayley’s chosen career. She loves what she does and she goes out of her way to ensure that she is offering a high quality, caring and individualised service.

My daughter has special needs and Hayley shows that she ‘gets’ her and understands what is needed for my daughter to not only be well cared for but to thrive.

My daughter has nicknamed Rux, Ruxy. He has a gentle, caring and ‘fatherly’ manner and my daughter is very fond of him. This is the best setting in our area and we feel very lucky to have secured a place for our little girl.

Suzanne Lanzon & Adrian Lambert 30/01/15

My daughter is 2 and a half and has been going to Hayley’s Little Explorers for roughly a year. She was previously in a nursery but she settled in and created a bond with Hayley and Rux very quickly. I was really impressed with the “classroom” setting and the activities that the children do.

They do lots of craft, cooking, nature walks, they are learning about the world around them and different cultures.

They eat healthy home cooked food. I feel like they really care about my daughter, she gets a lot more one to one attention from them than she would at nursery. I feel happy that she is in a warm family environment. Hayley sends me photos occasionally when I am at work which I love as it lets me see what activities my daughter is doing that day! She is very happy with Hayley and Rux and I know I would struggle to find childcare of that level elsewhere in this area!

The Chipendo Family 04/01/15

Hayley and Rux have a friendly home from home setting with a purpose built classroom full of resources for the children to explore. They provide healthy meals and snacks for the children throughout the day and encourage the children to help with tasks when they are able. They provide a wide range of activities for the children and give them an opportunity to take part in things they may not do at home such as painting, gloop, etc. They also like to take the children out whenever possible to the local woods, park or walk to the ducks. Hayley and Rux keep us updated with a daily diary to let us know what the children have been up to including photos and information.

Our son has been attending Hayley’s Little Explorers for over 3 years and thoroughly enjoys going, he has made many friends during this time which has helped him in his recent transition to school while having the stability of the childminder in the mornings and during the holidays.

The Neilson Family 05/01/15

“Hayley is by far one of the best childminders that we know and looks after the children like her own, offering a homely environment for the children to learn and develop at their own pace.

She has a well equipped classroom separate to her house with its own little kitchen and toilet/hand washing facilities.

Hayley provides a healthy home cooked food for the children as well as snacks during the day.  Our son has been happy going to Hayley for over the past two years and has made friends in the setting.  Hayley will take the children out on Nature walks, to the park and to toddler groups.”

Mrs A Neilson 27/01/14

“This has got to be the best setting in the whole area. Hayley is more than just a childminder, she is totally professional but just as importantly, she is motherly. Her own family are lovely and her children are a credit to her! The little ones in Hayley’s setting are happy and settled.

Hayley CARES about her children and it really shows.

The setting is wonderful, there is a beautifully appointed classroom (amazingly equipped) where the children play and learn. Hayley is totally dedicated to giving her children the very best start in life, from tiny babies to toddlers and pre-school. Learning and social skills are incorporated into daily play and the children develop rapidly. Add to this the wonderful home cooked meals that are provided and it makes the ideal setting. Our child loved being a Little Explorer and had an excellent transition to Big School, thanks to Hayley’s care and dedication. Highly recommended.”

Mrs H Hales 27/01/14

“Our 2 1/2 year old daughter has been with Hayley since she was 12 months old. She thoroughly enjoys her days with Hayley and quite often asks “are we going to Hayley’s today?”

Hayley is very creative with the children and she organises various activities with them, such as exploring the outdoors, gardening, painting, making collages and models, learning about wildlife and pets, and experimenting with blocks and different materials, to name but a few! When I collect my daughter she is always happy and excited to share her new knowledge that she has learnt with Hayley that day. As a result, she is thriving with Hayley and her development is progressing very well.

We are so grateful and feel very privileged to have such a caring and devoted childminder.”

Dr K Brady 29/01/14

“Hayley offers a lovely home from home environment and also has a purpose built classroom full of wonderful resources where the children can play and learn. It is like a mini nursery with tons of one to one attention! My son has been visiting Hayley since he was 10 months old (he has just turned 3) he loves going and has built great friendships with the other children. Hayley sends me updates throughout the day including photo’s of him in action. It is great to see what he gets up to when I’m not there and see all the activities he does each day.

Food is included – Hayley provides healthy home cooked meals and snacks.

Hayley has lots of experience working with children she is very focused on the children she looks after and committed to helping them develop. My daughter who is 8 months has just started visiting Hayley – I was really excited about her starting as I know she will have great fun and do lots of things that I don’t get around to doing with her at home. It is also lovely that she can go with her brother and they can be together.”

Mrs L Rayner 03/02/14